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How to create a slide show on your website using Windows Live Writer

This guide will help you create a slideshow on a website hosted at myWebsite. Please ensure that you have enabled WordPress for your site before attempting this. If you haven't yet enabled WordPress for you site please contact us and we can help you with that. Click on the images below to see the step-by-step instructions.


An Investing Adage Applied to Websites

We all have heard from personal finance gurus that the best time to start investing is now. This advice is equally applicable with setting up a website.

The best time to set up a website is now.

Why? You ask. The answer is many-fold but here are a few of the reasons.

"Content is king" on the web. Search engines love websites that have a wealth of valuable relevant content. Content creation cannot happen overnight. (It is better that way actually.) It takes time. So set up a website now and start adding content. Maybe add one page or a blog every week. Or a couple of them or even more a week.

Even if you just add one blog per week on your website that is 52 articles on your website by the end of the first year. That is pretty decent. It is far far better than just thinking about setting up a website. Won't you agree?

Here is another reason why it is critical for long-term business success to set up your website now rather than later. But first, a trivia ...

Say, there is a website that was set up last month. And there is another website that was set up 10 years ago (and maintained well regularly). All things being equal, which site do you think will have higher chances of coming up on the first page of Google? 

Answer: The second one. Why? Because that website has been around for a while. 

So start now. Set up your website and take the first bold step toward your online success. Get started now! Using our services you can set up your website in less than 5 minutes. So why wait? Get going on your website right away.